What you have to get the words out

Try that when you speak a foreign language to someone you are performing. It’s like theater. It may not be a good idea to think this way but it is what it is. This is the moment when all your preparation comes into play and if we’re honest you are often judg on your performance. This brings us to the attempt at yes this is a bit cliche but it drives home the point clearly that learning words is not enough. You ne to remember the vocabulary you are memorizing and start using it in conversations with real people so you learn new words so of your head and into the real world.

Two things you achieve

When your new vocabulary words appear in real conversations. You practice recall so it becomes easier to remember the words on demand. You practice recognition so Kuwait Telegram Data you can learn to recognize words that other people use. Often actually practicing what you learn in class is consider an afterthought. Oh, I should probably practice these new words, but not. Real conversation is unprictable. There are a lot of ups and downs with the other person. Real conversation is not an easy place to practice using vocabulary you haven’t master yet.

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That’s exactly why you have to do it

Use it or lose it How to Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary Picture USA Email List Source Be like a street musician trying out new scales in your performance every night The quality of a language starts with actually using your vocabulary. That’s why trying is the last part you have to try but it may not feel that easy. In fact you may feel like the words you’ve learn aren’t always on the tip of your tongue when you’re talking to someone. In other words you can’t remember new vocabulary words during a conversation. Knowing how to do this effectively is the final piece of the puzzle here. The sky’s the limit if you not only know how to select and learn foreign language vocabulary but actually practice it in conversation.

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