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There are striking differences in what happens with languages ​​I’m familiar with and languages ​​I’m unfamiliar with. In fact, for the languages ​​I’m familiar with, maintaining them requires almost no effort. So where is the turning point? It seems to me to be at or above average. My multilingual friends say the same. arrive At this point, you seem to have a strong grasp of the language. Daily communication is no longer a challenge. It’s hard to forget when you know a language so intuitively. So when it comes to the topic of maintaining a foreign language I tend to simplify things as follows From beginner to intermiate I’m learning the language.

It’s too early to talk about

Maintaining your level You’re still learning Start with intermiate to UK Telegram Data advanc I can reasonably stop learning this language and simply maintain it. If you haven’t reach the level yet I highly recommend you keep going until you do and then take your foot off the gas. If you stop too early you may find it difficult to maintain the level you have reach which is what happen to my Thai when I did this. Of course a lot of the above is oversimplifi but I find it a useful way of looking at the subject. So you’ve learn a new language and you’re really great at it but your circumstances have chang and you’re no longer actively learning.

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How to maintain a language

Following the next steps. Most of the blog posts I found on this topic just tell Malaysia Email List you the obvious. Watch the movie and read the book. Although as the creator of the method I have to say read the story. Essential to learning and maintaining my language Of course you can do this but how about doing something a little more adventurous My take on how to maintain a foreign language is simple If you have gone to great lengths to learn a new language then there is only one thing for you Make your new language a vibrant part of your life with Speak Meaningful.

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