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Also Michelle Thomas does not have a free version so you have to buy the full version however you can try some sample episodes before making a decision. Podcasts for Learning Russian at Intermiate Level I’ve look through the best podcasts so far for those starting to learn Russian. But what to do when you feel confident and comfortable with the basics and want to improve your Russian language skills further? This is a course for intermiate Russian language learning. But if you get a membership it comes with some great materials to help you really feel comfortable.

Russian with Max Russian with Max

This is hands down one of the best podcasts for intermiate Russian Sweden Telegram Data language learners. Host Max is a lovable, smart and sometimes goofy host whose enthusiasm will keep you engross. He talks about a wide range of topics from psychology to travel history to sociology and he’s excit about all of them. Due to the nature of his subject matter you should at least be proficient before listening to it. This podcast is entirely in Russian. But don’t be intimidat. Very good at explaining new concepts and vocabulary. This is especially good because he teaches listeners at least a few new words or phrases every episode.

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You can listen to the podcast or watch

Channel for free. There are also paid plans that include more episodes USA Email List and material. This includes a transcript of each episode which many learners find helpful. The Story Learning Russian podcast goes beyond the typical Learn Russian podcasts before it and is great for intermiate learners. However, the following podcasts are for intermiate learners who want to be more specific. The Value of Words The Value of Words is an eclectic and hard-to-categorize podcast and one of my favorite podcasts. Ding Moscow Times-produc show host Michelle Birdy might discuss a phrase she’s been hearing a lot in the Russian news lately.

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