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Indonesia has around million active social media users, including Facebook. Its complete features and user-friendly appearance make this platform created by Mark Zuckerberg increasingly popular with users from various circles. One of Facebook’s mainstay features which is currently very popular among business people is FB Ads. This service in the form of paid advertising is aimed specifically at business people, communities. Brands, public figures , and anyone who wants to promote their products/services via Facebook.

Apart from a wider consumer reach

Another advantage offered by FB Ads is the presence of the Facebook . Adverts Manager feature, so that advertisements on Facebook are placed to .Targeted audiences based on their demographic conditions (gender, age, location, occupation, education. Interests, connections, habits. This feature also allows you to evaluate ad performance. For example seeing how many times the ad is displayed, how many users click, and detailed data regarding cost per Spain WhatsApp Number Data conversion. Facebook ads services in Bali Why Do You Need Facebook Ads Services? Placing ads on Facebook can reach specific audiences based on interests, hobbies, gender, age, region, etc. So that your product appears on the right people’s devices.

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The more likes the more credible your business

Ads can appear across devices ranging from PCs, tablets, to smartphones, and appear to whoever the target audience you want to reach. Can also combined with Facebook and Instagram ads. Get to know the types of Facebook ads There are several types of FB Ads that advertisers can choose according to their needs, namely Page Post China WhatsApp Number List Engagement This type of advertising aims to increase reputation. You do this by spreading¬† Page Likes The number of likes on a business account’s is very important to build consumer trust in your product.

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