Write a speech and memorize them

Systematic repetition of new vocabulary words may not happen by accident in your daily life So a smart system for memorizing new vocabulary words requires planning the repetition from the beginning. What a Repetition System Looks Like Let’s assume for the sake of argument that you ne to encounter a new word a few times before you can remember it. This means you ne to plan to review each new word several times over several days or weeks. This principle is often express in terms of forgetting curve memory. To make it effective you ne an organiz and systematic review of vocabulary that you can repeat at will. How to Learn Vocabulary Effectively.

You can take a natural approach

To language learning by simply listening and reading what Italy Telegram Data you like. It’s fun but you quickly become inundat with new words and the same words don’t appear often enough for you to remember them. An effective system nes to help you repeat a word in a more isolat way to have any hope of remembering it. You can pick a specific text and read it over and over again. This is easier to control because you’ll see your new words over and over again. But the problem with this is that you start studying the text knowing what’s going to happen next which doesn’t help your memory much. You can use specially design activities to isolate and practice new words.

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Make a list of words and read

Them over and over again. Practice using the new words while Taiwan Email List talking to your teacher. Make sentences using your new words. These are more. Better to be more target. But the problem you will face is how and when to review each word. It is your responsibility to review all the new words when you are juggling several other things in your life. Constantly reviewing all the new words can quickly become overwhelming. Create Your Repetition System The difficulty of managing a new word repetition system is why flashcard type apps are so popular.

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