Would they be discovered pretending

Twins are brothers or sisters who look exactly the same. Maybe you are not a twin, and neither are your children, but you must have seen and heard of such a thing in your life. When you are walking in the park, you will see a pair of cute children. They look at one and then the other, and you will be surprise. They are very similar. You can’t tell at first glance that they are twins! Parents often dress up their twins the same, from hairstyle to clothes to shoes. Job hunting

However no matter how similar

The twins are, they only look alike on the outside. Their inner selves and academic performance may be very different. This raises a question: if the one with better grades takes. The exam instead of the one with worse grades, will they be caught? A South Korean man applie for two jobs, but UK Phone Number List his job exams overlappe, so he aske his twin brother to take the exam for him. He was investigatd for suspecte cheating several months after he joine one of the companies. The Korea Herald reporte that the Bank of Korea and the Financial Supervisory Service reporte to the police on Wenesday (17th) that the twin brothers cheate in the assessment held on September 24 last year.

In order to avoid confusion

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Caused by overlapping applications, the Bank of Korea and the Financial Supervisory Service arranged the job exams on the same day. The two institutions offer high salaries Argentina Phone Number List and stable jobs, and many job seekers want to work in them. The younger brother of the twins wanted to work in both institutions, so he took the Bank of Korea exam in person and asked his brother to pretend to be him and take the Financial Supervisory Service exam. Both brothers passed the exam, and the younger brother was finally accepted by the Bank of Korea and started.

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