Why Repetition Is Important for Memory

You have more work to do to incorporate new vocabulary into your long-term memory. Repetition This brings us to the second part of the technique Repetition Waxes Lost Wax Foreign Language Memory In the 2000s classic The Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi instill in Daniel an appreciation for the repetition of seemingly mundane tasks. Waxing the right hand. Left hand wax. Waxing and waxing. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Waxing and waxing. Don’t forget that breathing is very important. In addition to this, Mr. Miyagi also want to show Daniel the importance of patience and trust. No one becomes great overnight.

Yet it’s easy to have unrealistic

Expectations of yourself when it comes to foreign languages. That’s the comparison villain at work maybe you’ve been guilty of this too I’m told ollie all the time I just don’t know how you do it. I seem Having trouble remembering new words There is a hypothesis Israel Telegram Data that some people are naturally good at remembering things without putting in much effort. But the opposite is true. Every prolific language learner I know works very hard to learn a new language every day. This also applies to learning vocabulary. In my case I forgot every new word I learn. Almost without exception. Maybe every time or even more but I won’t get annoy or frustrat by how bad my memory is I will work hard. every day. Waxing and waxing. This is why repetition is an important part of the memory process when you learn new vocabulary.

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Your brain naturally forgets things

Forgetting things is normal. It’s not a problem because you know Switzerland Email List you will forget the new words. So you ne to work it out. Plan so that when you encounter that word multiple times, no one becomes great overnight. Remember, you’ll notice that I us the word plan. Yes, even if you acknowlge the importance of repetition, that doesn’t mean you’ll actually do it. You’re a busy person with many competing commitments.

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