When I start a language exchange

So there were a few years where I wasn’t doing well. I learn Japanese in a fairly traditional way anyway. I use classes I take classes. Something like this. Sometimes I meet Japanese people and talk to them and it’s a little difficult which is normal you might say. Japanese is difficult and you are right. Ollie was fluent so I continu studying in class. Do all the right things. Or so you would think. A year has pass and two years have pass and you know what I’m really not that much better my speaking has improv but not by much and I still find myself really struggling in conversation. I basically fell into a miocre low-to-mium level, became nervous and couldn’t communicate well at all.

I promise you you won’t

Be impress by my efforts Ollie. Full marks for your effort, but Poland Telegram Data your Japanese is pretty dodgy. It was a strange experience for me because the thing was that by that time I had learn four languages ​​and I perform well in those languages. Well I’m fluent in all these languages. So what is it about Japanese people why am I struggling How I chang my Japanese speaking Ollie Richards Day Well I wasn’t sure at first. I just thought because I was learning and working hard I should improve and become better and more fluent but that didn’t happen. I still forget words when it’s time to speak. I still get nervous in front of people.

Telegram Data

An I still find it hard to form long

Flowing sentences. Then one day everything chang. It’s crazy actually Philippines Email List that in just a few weeks I completely transform my Japanese from miocre and nervous to confident and pretty comfortable in conversation. This happen. I found people with whom I could have language exchanges and I start arranging to meet as many of these people as I could during this time. I tri to meet people every day after get off work. Every day I had at least an hour of speaking Japanese, which was a little more than I normally would.

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