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Content marketing can help you increase awareness and attract potential customers When people have a problem they want to solve or a desire they want to fulfill. if they dont know you exist. they wont consider your brand and product. Content marketing is a way to ensure they discover you. For example. at Ahrefs we help people get more traffic to their websites. But theyre less likely to directly Google Ahrefs because they may not know about our tool yet theyll usually Google something closer to their goals. like drive website traffic by using content marketing. We can show up in searches and form an initial mental connection between Ahrefs and the problem they want to solve.

Continuing with the previous example

Content marketing helps you engage your audience and build cribility Just because someone knows you exist doesnt mean they will choose your brand or product. But the second. third. and fourth time you show up with interesting and trustworthy content that they’re Phone Number List looking for ideas or solutions. you’ll increase your chances. let’s say someone has learn about SEO and is now searching for something more specific. such as how to do keyword research. Because we wrote an article on the topic and it rank near the top of Google. they eventually found us. The same thing happens on YouTube. We have a video about keyword research . so searchers cant help but come to our brand when searching for this topic.

For example Ahrefs is not the only SEO

Our -minute keyword research tutorial If this person follows internal links or continues searching. they may find our keyword generation tool . which can help you find thousands of keyword ideas for free while experiencing Find Your Phone Number what Ahrefs can do yes. free tools too Good example of content marketing. . Content marketing helps you convert customers Even if your potential clients know who you are and what you offer. they may still have some objections before choosing you. This is where content marketing can help with the final decision to help people decide to become customers. tool on the market. and our potential clients may want to know how we stand out from the competition before they subscribe.

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