What requirements are necessary

Salaries or severance payments Now that we know what is. The question that workers ask the labor lawyers at reclamador.es is the following what requirements are necessary for to pay the receipt of salaries or compensation for my dismissal In order to submit the application for coverage to , it is necessary that the amounts claimed have been previously recognized in a conciliation act or in a final judicial ruling derived from a procedure followed before the labor court. Likewise, the insolvency of the businessman or his situation in a bankruptcy process must be proven.

What amounts does pay to the worker

reserves the right to charge and claim against the debtor company for the amounts paid to the workers. pays the salaries recognized in a judicial resolution , adjusting to the limit set by double the daily  minimum wage, including the of extra pay, with a maximum limit of days . In cases of dismissals that have been declared unfair or void , as well as in Brazil Phone Number Data those other cases of termination of the contract at the will of the worker expressly contemplated by law, pays the worker, as compensation for dismissal, a maximum of days per year worked . In the case of collective labor terminations or objective dismissal , pays the worker a maximum of days per year worked . And in the case of temporary contracts , it will be days of salary per year worked.

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How is the claim processed before

The deadline to present the claim to is one year from the date of the court ruling or the signing of the conciliation document . The application must be submitted to the administrative unit of the corresponding autonomous community, along with the required documentation : DNI, judicial resolution or conciliation record and account Bolivia Phone Number List number to receive the amounts claimed. Once the resolution is known, which will be notified by to the interested parties, a claim can be filed before the Social Court, in this case the period is months, from the month following notification.

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