What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)? 2024 Strategic Guide

What if we told you there’s a way to sell directly to your best-fit, highest-value accounts?

So, you’ll no longer waste any Estonia Phone Numbers time prospecting, qualifying, and nurturing leads who don’t convert.

Just fast, efficient B2B marketing aligned with a happy sales team.

Can’t be real, can it?

It sure is!

It’s called account based marketing, also known as ABM, and it can help your marketing and sales teams work together to win your ideal customers’ business.

In this article, we’re giving you clear, practical advice on how to add ABM to your marketing efforts right away, as well as:

  • The definition of account based marketing.
  • The advantages of using ABM for your B2B company.
  • Account based marketing strategies you can implement for more revenue.
  • Examples of ABM that power some of the best business strategies.

Let’s get started.

What is account based marketing?

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Account based marketing (ABM) is a type of growth strategy where marketing and sales work together to target key accounts that showcase significant revenue opportunities. Companies utilise  to create highly personalised marketing campaigns and buyer experiences for each account.

Meaning the marketing approach is individualised, bespoke and tailored. Rather than marketing to a broad number of people or organisations grouped by similar features or circumstances, ABM means you pick out a shorter list of targets and then personalise your approach to exactly suit their needs and requirements.

It’s a good tactic for scaling B2B and with 85% of marketers saying account based marketing delivers higher returns than any other marketing approach.

The 5 advantages of using ABM marketing

Account based marketing can deliver numerous advantages to a business. Several recent studies have highlighted the benefits of ABM tactics:

  • A study by ound that 19% of companies using ABM for at least Afghanistan Phone Number List a year reported more than 30% growth in revenue.
  • Survey found that 91% of marketers using ABM see a larger deal size, with 25% seeing their deal sizes grow by more than 50%.
  • found that companies using ABM saw an 84% rise in reputation scores and a 74% improvement in customer rlationships.

As well as enhanced ROI, ABM offers two other core benefits:

First, it uses resources more efficiently than traditional marketing by focusing on high-value accounts with targeted content. So there’s more marketing budget for strategies like paid and no more time wasted on.

Second, it helps to develop a shared mindset between sales and marketing (AKA smarketing), bringing the two teams closer together and streamlining your B2B sales cycle for more efficient sale.

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