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How does this part of the word sound like something else you know? What does the part of the word mean to you in your life? What does it mean? For example, where did you first hear it? Who were you with? Does the gender of the word have any effect on its meaning? For example, in French the moon is feminine. If this helps you remember it as much as possible look for anything no matter how small that can become a memory hook for you and help you recall it later. Imagine you are Sherlock holding a magnifying glass and looking at these words from every imaginable angle. Expand beyond the text and look at the entire sentence to see what other words there are.

Piece together crime scenes and find

Hidden stories like Sherlock. Use all available context to help Iraq Telegram Data understand the new word. Does the word itself combine with another word you already know? For example, adventure. Does the word itself mean something to you? Can it serve as an anchor in your memory? For example, have you ever Take a big risk and you can use this word. Think about it now. This isn’t an exact science. Your memory may be unprictable, but by focusing your full attention on a word and looking at it from many different angles. Attack it and you’ll quickly find something your brain will latch on to and remember. It’s not enough to write down new words and just hope. Yes I know sometimes you may learn things naturally but remember.

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I am trying to create a reliable learning

System so after doing the preparatory work of choosing important Singapore Email List vocabulary to learn this is what I did I sat down and paid attention Force creates mnemonics to help me remember every new word I choose. Imagine this situation. Can you somehow connect the action to the word? Can you connect the word to the image in your mind? It’s very difficult to remember Cantonese words. I finally got it after a long time by imagining very fat guys trying to get out of my front door and onto the street. Ridiculous, right, but it works. Attention is the first part of the process, but it’s not always enough on its own.

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