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In addition to the young handsome men and food, what makes me so excited is nothing more than the “discount”! If there is also “unlimited discounts”, it is simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Hey, what the editor is talking about is the ” Merdeka Unlimited Pass ” promotion launched by Tiefan.com specifically for employers . Now employers can post unlimited recruitment advertisements at a super low price!

In conjunction with the National Day, Tiefan.com has teamed up with Ajobthing and Maukerja to launch this super crazy promotion, so that even if you can’t go abroad unlimited as you wish, you can still post unlimited job ads! (Huh?)

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Starting from today (August 10th) until August 16th, Tiefan.com will allow everyone to purchase up to 2,400 credits + up to 30 days of unlimited passes at one price for 7 consecutive days!

For example, if you purchase a 10-day unlimited pass, you can get 1,200 credits and unlimited job postings within 10 days! Whether you want to post 1 vacancy or 100 vacancies, you don’t have to pay! (Don’t doubt it, because when the boss told me about this offer, I suspected that the boss was crazy just like you! Usually it costs RM300 to post an ad Germany Phone Number List on Tiefan.com, but now it’s RM550 for you to post as much as you want??)

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Here are the details of this blood-sucking offer

There are 3 packages in total. Depending on your Afghanistan Phone Number List needs, you can choose a 1-day Unlimited Pass, or a 10-day or 30-day Unlimited Pass. During the validity period of the pass, there is no additional charge for posting advertisements!

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Since this is a great offer regardless of cost, the boss quietly said that it is limited to the first 50 employers per day, so remember to act fast and you will miss out!

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