To what extent can we tolerate the systematic use

If not too invasive, of AI in film creation or staging Do you think that AI will as essential as an actor or a director in the future? speaker prof. Giuseppe sees a clear phenomenon of convergence of different industries and types of production in the near future. For instance, video games progressively converge towards movies, in light of their complex design and graphic, as well as the development of plots that depend entirely on choices or abilities of the players. In the same way, as in movies, video games are played interactively, raising questions about the role (and maybe rights?) of human performers of games. For instance, protection of performers’ income lies at the heart of film and TV dubbing practices in countries like France, Italy, German and Spain, where the work created by content adaptation allows them to keep a source of artistic independence.

It is probably true that these fictional characters

Non-human actors, and holograms, will more widely used in the future, depending on how much appreciated they will . The offer on the market (especially the platforms) is adapting to the plurality of their audiences. Speaker . Javier spoke about a matter of taste and generations, which have all developed their own art sensitivity. . What would happen in the case of an international jurisdictional conflict, if some AI-generated works Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data benefit from legal recognition, from a copyright perspective? Speaker . Javier replied that a solution must found under the aegis of the Berne Convention, otherwise it would be much more difficult to find a homogeneous treatment for works, especially AI creations that are highly volatile. speaker prof. Giuseppe also reaffirmed the importance of the Berne Convention and its possible, future reform to solve this problem. We shouldn’t forget the distinction between authorship and ownership.

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From a copyright perspective

The protection of ownership is and will more solid and internationally accepted than authorship, even by courts, for business reasons and converging interests. It must seen whether this type of Intellectual Property will covered by copyright or something equivalent. speaker prof. Giuseppe emphasized the importance of being rigorous in the conclusion that a piece of work is entirely authorless and the ¬†relationship, previously Bahamas Whatsapp Number List mentioned by . Javier -, between a creator and a machine-generated input, is crucial. Not to mention that we must provide a case-by-case analysis. Finally, Moderator . Giuseppina , wondered if there were any conclusions to drawn about biases in the data, which are a major concern in North America. A simple example could Netflix’s suggestions: on the one hand, it remains a useful service for clients, but on the other hand it represents undercurrent algorithms that could lead to biased data.

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