The wait is finally over!

Now you can register for the vaccine in just three steps!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Feb 22, 2021 Posted at 11:57 AM
The My Sejahtera mobile application has added a vaccination registration function. You can complete the registration with just 3 clicks and wait for the Ministry of Health to notify you when it is your turn to get vaccinated!

The entire registration process is quite simple and quick,

Taking less than a minute.

However, currently only Apple users can El-Salvador Phone Number List update the MySejahtera mobile application, so Android users will need to wait a little longer. Currently, there is no updated version of the Android version of MySejahtera.

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The updated version of the MySejahtera Algeria Phone Number List mobile application has added a “COVID-19 Vaccination” function on the homepage. Click on it and you will see 3 columns:

1. Vaccine for (your name)

2. Visit the government’s official COVID-19 vaccine website for the latest news on the national vaccination program

3. COVID-19 vaccine information


If you want to register, click on the first column and you will enter the registration area. After confirming your name, ID number and phone number, click “OK” to complete the registration process.

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