The transformation of in a year of exponential growth

March  was born  a new generation pricing and contracting platform embedded in. Where the pricing and issuance of policies is part of the . Sales and customer retention processes transversally to the ERP, changing the rules of the game. In a decided commitment by MPM in this product. Since the launch of , the volume of pricing in the course of a of in a year single year. Likewise, the activity and number of pricing operations in has increased more .Than compared to and this has meant a increase in policies issued by brokers.

This growth represents a testament

The support and trust that the new platform is gaining among mediators and .Insurance companies who have invested in it since its launch. It should be noted that includes a complete and contracting operations has experienced . Extraordinary Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data With more than products and .  With coverage in more than branches, the versatility and breadth of the . Platform is demonstrated. Exponential Growth and Beyond journey is a story that has only just begun.

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Process of constant well-being of its entire

Team of employees and collaborators. This adherence to the cancer action protocol underlines the technology . Company’s commitment to creating a work environment that prioritizes health, support and Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List inclusion for all. Interested in the digital transformation of your innovation to incorporate more improvements and functionalities for our . Clients that allows us to affirm that is one of the undisputed references in the world of Pricing and Insurance Mediation.

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