The Milanese Spa branch in Spain implements several cutting-edge technological solutions from MPM Software

The Italian insurer implements , and to enhance management .Efficiency and optimize customer service With more than three decades of presence in the insurance sector. The Italian Milanese Spa has distinguished itself for its commitment to. Excellence, innovation and a solid investment strategy that guarantees maximum security and confidence to its policyholders. Its offer prioritizes specialized products in the field of Professional . Liability insurance, in particular with its offer for healthcare and doctors both in Italy and Spain.

The implementation of these Software solutions in the

Spanish branch represents a step forward in its digital distribution. Model through mediators, optimizing processes and focusing its . Attention on the insured. The solution will allow Milanese branch in Spain to significantly improve . The comprehensive management of products, from pricing to underwriting and policy . Monitoring, facilitating Belgium WhatsApp Number Data more agile and efficient management. On the otherĀ  hand, will transform theĀ  that improves communication between the insurance company, the mediator, collaborators and insured, streamlining operations and providing a more intuitive and user experience.

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Satisfactory complements these

Solutions by offering Milanese policyholders in Spain direct and. Personalized access to online queries and procedures, such as making requests to . Both the insurance company and their trusted mediator. The collaboration with . Software is a reflection of our continued commitment to innovation and excellence in . Service to our policyholders and Croatia WhatsApp Number List our distribution network. The implementation of. And will allow us not only to optimize our internal processes from product . Creation to direct or integrated collaboration with mediators, but also to enrich the experience of our policyholders, offering them more efficient and personalized insurance solutions,” he stated. Christophe Julliard, Executive Officer of Milanese.

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