The Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation  Indicates that it receives more than 100 alerts about drone incidents each month. The evolution of the European market suggests that the situation here will be very similar in a short time. Current legislation in Spain The State Aviation Safety Agency (AEASA) reminds us on its official website that, in Spain, until the Royal Decree on UAS is definitively approved (which will be the norm that will regulate these aspects), it is necessary to have an insurance policy that covers civil liability against third parties for damages that may arise from each flight carried out with a drone , whether it is a flight for recreational purposes or a flight for professional purposes.

Thus, all drones weighing more

Drones that weigh less than 20 kilos must have insurance that covers damages of up to €265,000 while drones that weigh more than 20 kilos must have insurance that covers damages of up to €325,000. On the other hand. We have weighing less thai phone number  than 250 grams and those “toys. That is, those that, in accordance with the. European Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 , are for play by children under 14 years of age or its use is for this purpose. In these cases, it is not mandatory to take out insurance.

Although drones considered toy and those weighing less than

We must bear in mind that, if they cause damage to third parties, the person who causes them will responsible for said damage. For this Tunisia Phone Number reason, at Emprender Seguro we always recommend taking out a policy that covers the damage we may cause using our drone. Furthermore, a very positive aspect is that the legislation establishes that the insurance does not fall on the drone, but on the operator (the person who uses it) and therefore, this insured person can use several drones with the same insurance policy.

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