The brand has its own

Online store with a large selection of precious metals and patterns of wedding rings and engagement rings as well as outlets in several Polish cities yet it approaches each customer individually. The consumer can design his or her own dream jewelry and apart from technical barriers is limited only by his or her own imagination.


Wawel Another rather contrary


example of a brand that decided to try its hand Cyprus Mobile Number List at the DC model is Wawel. Although we know well that the FMCG industry is not very kind to direct to consumer Wawel chose something extraordinary. Selling sweets in stores is just one branch of overall sales. The second one is the Słodki Wawel store and its own cafes where the brand sells its products. Products that are not usually available in supermarkets may also appear here. This is an ideal field for testing new products and creating relationships with customers.


Nike It turns out that the direct

to consumer model is used not only by smaller and Austria Phone Number List larger companies but also by giants such as Nike. DC is an opportunity for the brand to improve the quality of customer service and gain their trust. An example of activities in this area is the improvement of the ecommerce website and the implementation of the NikePlus membership program. Thanks to it customers receive earlier access to new brand products and have the opportunity to take advantage of free day returns. 

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