That is the data will not be used for all areas or issues

Addressed but rather those aspects that require urgent attention will be prioritized. This is achieved by aligning the main metrics or KPIs . Of each department with the overall vision. In other words, a separation is made between mere informative . With an example of metrics, page proposed to them. Data horizontality In order to proceed with . A complete analysis of the data, the data should not be separated into specific areas. On the contrary, you must have a global vision of them.

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Potential customers, their entire process or purchasing cycle is . Taken into account as a whole, instead of separating each part. Continuous feedback In an increasingly digitalized world that continues to change for multiple reasons, data tends to become Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data obsolete easily. Therefore, obtaining and analyzing must be constant and progressive, so that the quality achieved through them is increasingly higher. in order to proceed with the interpretation of the data.

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The data must be available to the

Entire workforce, so that they can use it in their daily lives. Projection and anticipation Last but not least, data analysis is used as a competitive advantage. Thus, you can anticipate trends and get ahead of competitors Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List with decision-making based on the information obtained . Such as, for example, changes in customer purchasing patterns, a greater inclination towards a particular type of service or an increase in the use of some means of communication with brokers.

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