Search topics in PMAX

Search topics in PMAX campaigns, as their name suggests, allow you to offer valuable information to Google’s AI, which can include topics or interests of your customers, conversion terms for your business or main keywords used in Search Network advertising (or that bring you organic traffic, for example).

In an e-commerce site selling tools, for example, we will include search topics such as “online tools” or “buy drill online”. In an academy for competitive examinations, the ideal would be to include “prepare for competitive examinations”, “study for competitive examinations”, etc. Basically, the dynamic to follow is to include as a search topic, whatever your target audience is going to search for.

Sometimes we may have certain data about our clients or our company that may not be so intuitive and easy for AI to find out, and this is where we can make the most of this new function, to try to shorten the learning phase, giving the algorithm more initial information.

search topics in pmax

How to add search topics in PMAX
Within the PMAX campaign, select “Resource Group”.
There you will see Oman Mobile Number List a pencil next to “Signals” on the right side of the screen.
By clicking, you will see the option to include up to 25 topics .

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search topics in pmax
Review of topics
For search topics in PMAX to be valid, we have to take into account:

Separated by commas or line breaks.
Maximum 25 topics per resource group (obviously. They must not be duplicated).
80 characters maximum.
Search topics follow the rules for brand exclusions. They are used to direct traffic based on business needs .So that your campaigns will be displayed Therefore,  on searches that are related to the described topics.

The use of this new functionality is optional , although it is a new tool that can help us improve the performance of our campaigns. Ultimately. It helps us further narrow down the type of user we are interested in attracting.

Can they be removed?
We already know how to add them, but what if we need to change the structure? We can remove the topics that no longer interest us and add the new ones. Performance may change, since removing certain topics will give the algorithm different inputs, although removing a search topic does not guarantee that we will stop receiving Pmax traffic from those searches. The same happens when we change KW or other segmentations.

Pmax Search Topics Competence

In order to include competitor names as search topics, you Algeria Phone Number List must ensure that you are complying with local laws.

Should we use the competitor’s name? As with everything in this sector, it depends.

It depends on the strength of your competitors, your investment capacity, your positioning in the sector (and very importantly, their positioning). Are you positioned as top of mind for consumers or is your competition?

How they affect your audiences

To understand this better, let’s take an example: a psychological clinic offers: workshops, consultations, home visits and weekend retreats. In addition, it has limited resources to be able to create specific landing pages for each service.

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