Requirements to carry out aerial activities of technical

Requirements to carry  Scientific work Aerial activities of technical or scientific work carried out by drones can be carried out during the day and in conditions of good visibility. In addition, the following requirements are required in relation to the aircraft: Characterization of it. Operations manual. Aeronautical safety study of the operation to be carried out. Satisfactory study of test flights. Maintenance program. Accreditation of the qualification that the standard requires for pilots. Insurance or other financial guarantee to cover liabilities. Measures to protect the aircraft against acts of illicit interference. Security measures.

Minimum distance from airports or airfields

Safe to operate with drones Drone operators are responsible for any damage that may arise during and from the execution of the flight. Therefore, it is mandatory that they have an insurance policy or other financial guarantee that covers civil liability against canada phone number third parties. For aircraft weighing less than 20Kg maximum takeoff weight, the coverage limit is established at 220,000 special drawing rights. For aircraft whose weight is greater than 20Kg maximum takeoff weight, the coverage limit established in European regulations will be applicable, that is, 750,000 special drawing rights.

Thus currently insurance entities are offering civil liability

Insurance coverage up to €300,000 and €1,000,000, respectively. Initially, they were through general liability insurance, although after their classification as aircraft, the coverage has to aviation liability insurance. A drone for recreational Ukraine Phone Number use is not the same as for military or commercial use. For this reason, multiple insurance products have emerged with different coverage depending on the use of the drone. Some insurance companies also offer coverage for damage to the drone itself, although limited to the case of a total loss.

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