MPM Software launches Analytics, an innovative data analysis and business intelligence portal.

The leading company in technological solutions for the insurance sector, has launched  Analytics , an advanced data analysis solution for brokerages, associations and groups of Ability to integrate information from other ERPs in the sector and from other sector applications and information sources to able to perform brokers. Analytics connects with data and provides insurance intermediaries with a comprehensive and efficient view of all their business areas, generating key indicators  dashboards, graphs and interactive tables that facilitate analysis and visualization of the information.

It is a flexible scalable solution that ensures data

The analytical capabilities of Microsoft Azure in the cloud and the robust Power BI analysis engine. With Analytics and through artificial intelligence and “machine learning” you can perform future predictive analysis of each KPI, detect patterns and trends, and generate alerts and Philippines WhatsApp Number Data recommendations. In you can share the results . With other users and export them in different formats.  Added to enable such continuous analysis and access to the results.

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The current context of the insurance

sector, clients are increasingly demanding and markets are more competitive. Investment must made in technology that allows advanced analytics . To obtain data, on Open Data and connectivity. One of the challenges of the insurance sector is that it is. A complete type of business, which is associated with risks. Own Ecuador WhatsApp Number List individual KPIs with  MPM Software has developed Analytics in .Collaboration with , a consulting firm specializing in Data and AI, with the aim of offering insurance mediators . An advanced tool that helps them take advantage of data analysis to improve their business.

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