MPM implements a pioneering protocol for action against cancer in the workplace

Within the framework of a continued commitment to the health and well-being of all its employees and collaborators, MPM Software announces its adherence to a protocol for action against cancer, pioneering in its approach and development. This move is an integral part of your health-focused Employer Branding policies, marking an important milestone in the care and health of the workforce within your organization. The result of an unprecedented collaboration between several companies in the province of . Lleida and the cancer association of this city, this protocol seeks to offer an organized and empathetic response to the diagnosis of.

Recognizing that approximately one in

Two men and one in three women will diagnosed with this disease in their lifetime, many of these people will find themselves in their prime working age, facing unique challenges that require specialized and comprehensive support. The fundamental principles that govern this initiative are empathy, help, trust, support, inclusion, respect and Germany WhatsApp Number Data professionalism. Through this protocol, MPM Software addresses the four critical stages in the oncological process: from diagnosis and initial communication, through treatment, to reintegration into the work environment and, in necessary cases, separation.

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As the hotline available and a newsletter with preventive. Health advice such as the promotion of help programs to quit smoking with a support App. In recognition of the invaluable work of the Cancer Association and its self.  Financing model through fundraising initiatives, MPM Software has made a commitment to . Participate and support Cyprus WhatsApp Number List these activities. Additionally. As part of their Team Building activities throughout the year. They will invite all their employees to contribute ideas and proposals to support this cause. Software is committed not only to excellence in software development. But also to the comprehensive well-being of its entire Interested in the digital transformation of your business? Subscribe to our newsletter.

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