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Many times, we consider ourselves to be law-abiding citizens, we do not spe, run  lights, or park illegally, but we still get fin.

It turns out that in addition to these basic traffic knowlge, there are other things that we have not paid attention to but are illegal.

If you do these illegal behaviors, you will not only be fin, but may even bring danger to other road users.  of behaviors will cause you to be fin!

(Note: Your fine amount will vary depending on how many days you have to pay it back. Basically, the sooner you pay the fine, the lower the fine will be)

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1. Park your car at the bus stop/bus booth

If you park your car at a bus stop/bus shelter and block the bus from picking up passengers, you will be fin.

2. Driving too slowly in the right lane

Yes, it is wrong to drive slowly. If you Qatar Phone Numbers List are driving in the right lane and your spe is too slow, you will be fin. Remember, the right lane is for faster drivers to overtake within the post spe limit.

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Using the wrong lane for left/right turns

Whether you are turning left or right, please make sure your Argentina Phone Number List car is in the correct lane for at least 10-15 seconds. Otherwise, you may not only be fin, but may even cause an accident.

4. Install sunshades on car windows

Some people install sunshades on car windows for decoration or sunshade purposes. If repor, the driver will be fin.

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