I wanted to know what the business models

I wanted to know  It is a pleasure to say that I have been advising startups for 6 years. Startups are new emerging companies based on innovative technologies and with great growth potential. I try not to miss the South Summit , one of the most important startup fairs in Europe, every year . This 2022 it celebrated its tenth edition, so it has had all kinds of illustrious visitors. My goals at South Summit 2022 Attending a sector fair must be very justified when you run your own business. The days as a professional visitor at a fair are long and tiring. Also, for a few days, you neglect a little the usual work of serving customers. I was clear about what my goals were when attending South Summit this year.

Were of the startups chosen to be

There and the winners in each competition. I also wanted to collect some first-hand impressions from the partners and founders of the startups present there, to know the importance they gave to compliance with data protection regulations. Startup business models It is said that there are as many business models as there are entrepreneurs. However, the taiwan phone number business models that I found most in the startups at South Summit were the following: – Marketplaces: this is a platform where different providers compete with each other to provide similar products or services. The owner of the marketplace will have access to all the data of the suppliers present in it: visits, users, messages, prices, promotions, etc.

Subscription: consists of the person accessing

A service or product for an amount of money for a specific period of time. The basis of this system is stability, achieving recurring income over time. In addition, there is the possibility of offering these users complementary products or services. – Cloud Algeria Phone Number and SaaS: consists of a new version of subscription-based business models. The information and services offered are stored in the cloud and the application. Offered is not acquired as property, but the client will only be a user of it. Here it is of special importance where (in which cloud) all the data of the business and its users is stored and how it is treated by this provider.

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