How can office workers relieve eye fatigue

when working in front of computers for a long time?

Office workers have to work in front of computers every day, and their eyes are prone to dryness and fatigue. In addition to working hours, most people will also browse their phones, watch TV series, or play Sweden Phone Number List after get off work. Staring at electronic screens for a long time can easily lead to eye overstrain. Do not ignore the problem of eye fatigue, because it may cause dry eyes, glaucoma, and affect vision over a long period of time.

Today, I will share some effective ways to relieve eye fatigue . Busy workers, it’s time to rest your eyes!

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1. Maintain a correct sitting postureWe can also relieve eye fatigue by applying hot compresses. You can use a clean towel to apply hot compresses for 10-15 minutes, or choose a steam eye mask. The best time to apply hot compresses is before going to bed or during a lunch break. Hot compresses can promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

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It is very important to do these 5 things and

When working, the sitting posture should be kept at least an arm’s length away, and Belgium Phone Number List screen should be slightly below the line of sight. Because the eyes will gradually form a fixed form of activity in a long-term eye environment, a good sitting posture can provide a healthy activity environment for the eyes.

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