Google Merchant Center Next

Google Merchant Center Next is the latest and most updated version of Google Merchant Center. Although its main change lies in the aesthetics of the interface, its promise goes further, as it includes improvements in functionalities that seek to make its use easier and more comfortable.

The transition to this new interface is being carried

Out gradually and automatically (no action is Therefore, required Ecuador Mobile Number List from the user), starting with smaller or newly  Therefore, created businesses. This means that, as a Google Merchant Center user , you cannot access Google Merchant Center Next unless Google has selected you for the transition. The idea is to have a global implementation by 2024. However, you can choose to return to the old Google Merchant Center interface whenever you want.

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Differences between Google Merchant Center Next and Google Merchant Center Standard
Simplification of the interface itself
update eliminates the need for advanced Therefore,  knowledge and makes navigation easier by making the main menu more generalist.

google merchant center next

Importing products automatically
Previously, merchants joining Google Merchant Center for Afghanistan Phone Number List the first time had to manually enter a lot of information. Such as products, prices, images, descriptions, and (many) other details (information that is usually Therefore, imported via a data file or feed). This could be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially for those with large product catalogs. However, with Google Merchant Center Next, product feed creation has been automated .

Now, information is automatically collected from  Therefore, the website, such as product names, prices, images, descriptions, product categories, availability, and more. And of course, you can turn this feature off whenever you want more control and manage the information manually either by entering it directly or by uploading a product feed.

Automatic import of products, and their manual editing,. Was already a feature available in traditional GMC, but it takes on special relevance in this new interface.

Performance tab
With Merchant Center, the Performance tab was divided into three categories: “dashboard,” “your reports,” and “competitive visibility.” Each of these categories had specific functions.

Dashboard: Provides an overview of the performance of key metrics such as clicks, impressions, and CTR
Your Reports: Allows you to create custom reports with different metrics and dimensions.
Competitive visibility: comparing the performance of your products with that of your competitors,
However, Merchant Center Next has simplified these three tabs into one tab, also called “Performance,” which is very similar to the Merchant Center dashboard.


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