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After having spent a lot of money on the clearance of rights acquisition .Of movies from Hollywood studios and other filmmakers. established itself as an producer after realizing that its initial venture .Would not have been successful. As a result of spending cuts on third-party films and products and investing .Savings on internal productions, several economic studies have shown .A sharp reduction in the number of movies .Being simultaneously offered on . From an economic point of view, the platforms’ silos model , which obliges film and TV lovers to. Subscribe to numerous platforms, is unsuitable and very expensive especially .For young viewers.  Javier -said that films made by AI will strengthen the production forces of independent creators. Because of the limited budget compared to the big majors.

Perhaps the application of Artificial Intelligence

Will provide us with data that will allow independent producers to generate high-quality films at lower costs. However, . Giuseppe wonders whether these technologies will accessible and generally affordable in terms of licensing fees, assuming that independent producers will not able to produce these technologies by themselves. Javier -asserted that videos used to limited to professionals, but now they are accessible to anyone Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data with the right tools. Technological advances would allow them to generate content of special quality. Questions from the audience . How can the copyright-ability of AI-generated works  measured? Can the creativity test established in the CJEU’s decisions  applied to Irish authorship Law, to assess the human involvement requirement of these works? speaker prof.

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Giuseppe responded by saying that Irish legislation has faced

As many problems as the United Kingdom legislation with .These findings of the Court of Justice, even for much less than AI-created works. In the sector, the European Union imposed in to include film directors .As co-authors of movies. Now, if you read Irish or statutes, you will find it strange that the authors of .A film are the producer and its director. This is the result of the push coming from Europe. Giuseppina agreed that the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List best is yet to come for lawyers. In the coming years as new issues emerge. Speaker Javier Provided further details on the creative requirements to  met. Indeed, we can use three criteria to determine whether or not there was a sufficient. Intervention of humans, and consequently, an author. First of all, the data selection secondly, the intervention of the human .During the process of creation; and finally, the selection of the outcome.

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