Come and see if your supervisor

Come on , tell me the truth, what is the reason why you want to quit?

If you ask employees to answer, the first answer will usually be salary. What else? I believe many people will say that the reason is that they “can’t stand” their boss. If you are a supervisor, you will definitely be curious about whether your subordinates hate you.

A foreign magazine has compiled the 7 most annoying types of supervisors.  is on the list!

Frequent meetings without focus

The main purpose of holding a meeting is to Germany Phone Number List brainstorm, coordinate work and set goals. Meetings held for the sake of holding them are not only worthless, but also waste employees’ time and energy. Therefore, before each meeting, it is best to think clearly about what will be discussed in the next meeting. After all, a meeting with quality is a meeting, otherwise, it can only be called a collective waste of time.

The response to employees is too

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A supervisor who ignores the urgency of his subordinates’ Afghanistan Phone Number List questions and puts them aside until he is free is the worst kind of supervisor. Even if you are really overloaded with work, you should explain the situation clearly to the other party so that the other party does not have to put the work on hold while waiting for your reply.

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