Can I do my own things to kill time

There is a rule in the workplace that the faster you work, the more work your boss will assign you. He will never let you idle, so he will continue to assign you a new task, and then your work will become more and more. This is why more and more people in the workplace would rather choose to slow down their work speed and never finish the work early.

Recently a netizen posted a

Post saying that she is efficient and can always finish the work at hand quickly. She had nothing to do a few days ago, so she read an English article, but she received a warning from her supervisor. This netizen posted a post on Dcard with the title “Everyone has finished their work, can you do Panama Phone Number List your own things?”, saying that she works as an assistant in the company, and she is efficient and can always finish her work quickly. If there is a new task, she will give priority to it. After the post was exposed, it immediately sparked discussion among netizens.

The original poster said that

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After finishing work a few days ago, she started reading English articles because she had nothing else to do. Unexpectedly, her supervisor stopped her and asked her not to do her own Albania Phone Number List things during working hours. Although she knew that she should not do her own things during work, her colleagues around her would still watch the news and chat even if they did not finish their work. Therefore, after hearing what her supervisor said, she felt bad and made up her mind not to pursue high efficiency anymore.

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