Brokerage, integrates the most advanced MPM Software solutions

Brokerage adopts E and the integration with the platform to optimize . Management and Client services With a history of more than years. De has established the most itself as a benchmark within the professional field of . Insurance mediation in advising and consulting for companies and the self-employed. With offices in Valladolid and Zamora . Its team of highly qualified professionals offers a comprehensive service in the insurance activity.

Has taken a decisive

Step towards the modernization and digitalization of its business with . The contracting of four technological solutions from .  Software  On the one hand, the leading cloud ERP for the comprehensive .  Management of the Thailand WhatsApp Number Data brokerage. On the other hand, and in a fully integrated way,  Likewise, to guarantee the security and reliability of its communications, the brokerage has adopted , a certified email sending platform that ensures the authenticity and immutability of communications, and which is included in the M PM ecosystem of integrated applications.

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Software These tools will allow the brokerage

In addition to optimizing its internal processes and significantly improving the customer experience, to offer faster, more efficient and personalized services. The management of the brokerage is convinced that MPM Software technology will allow it to achieve a level of efficiency and quality of management that will manifest itself in the relationship Estonia WhatsApp Number List with its clients and in greater sustained growth of its business. Likewise, it considers that in an increasingly digitalized world it is essential to stay at the forefront with tools that allow it to face the challenges of the future and continue growing together with its clients.

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