Aspects of the growth of nationalism and populism

Nationalism has the potential to be a positive force. Populism, however, typically embraces an extreme form of nationalism. It is capable of resulting in damaging impacts, including mistrust of state institutions. This mistrust includes the judiciary. It encompasses protectionism and the imposition of tariff barriers to interstate trade; and hostility towards economic migrants and refugees. The Congress will address both the problems inherent in populism .  And the solutions which may be developed to address the concerns of citizens who believe that they have . Been left behind by supra national institutions and by national governments. Populist ideology is often disseminated through social media channels, where misinformation is rife. Nationalism is, for instance, an inherent part of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As a result of the war, the prospects of meeting the Climate. Change challenge in line with outcomes will need to be re-considered.

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Congress on Nationalism, Populism and Identities, my purpose is to offer a personal reflection on the debate that lies ahead. This is a synthesis of some of the ideas which are covered in the Congress papers, as well as new ones. I am grateful for the stimulating arguments in those papers. The Congress will itself discuss the competing views on several topics and then reach its conclusions. This narrative sets the scene. But it is not a summary of what Korea WhatsApp Number Data each paper covers. There are four elements to this scene setter aspects of the growth of nationalism and populism; (b) aspects of ceding sovereignty to international institutions Ukraine (national identity and sovereignty); and (d) climate change.

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Aspects of the growth of nationalism and populism

To the extent that nationalism implies a strong sense of identity between the people and a nation state and their support for that state’s interests, it is capable of being a positive force. Who would, for example, regard support for a national football side as a pernicious influence, provided that that support does not take an aggressive form such as xenophobic or racist chants by the host nation crowd? Even where nationalism finds its expression Bolivia WhatsApp Number List in a movement towards independence or secession or a federal constitutional system or devolution, it may be regarded as an affirmation of democracy so long as the constitutional mechanism to achieve any of those outcomes is (a) subject to a popular vote in line with each constitution and (b) delivers protection for the rights of the minority who “lose” the plebiscite.

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