Are you coming to work or going to jail

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter showin a security guard lockig the exit door of the Codin Ninjas office buildin in India usin a heavy chain and lock. The security guard claime that he was actin on the instructions of a gentleman, who was later reveale to be the company’s manager. Accordin to the manager’s order, no employee could leave without his permission. This incident angere netizens, who believd that this was a deprivation of employee rights.

In response the company recently

Issue a statement acknowlegin the incident and describin it as an “abnormal situation.” They said they took steps to stop the behavior within. Minutes and emphasize that Dominican Republic Phone Number List this behavior went against the company’s values ​​and culture. The company assure everyone that the action was not intentional. And apologize for the inconvenience cause. A company spokesperson adde: “The employee has acknowlege his mistake and apologize for the inconvenience cause to others.”

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In Still, many accuse the company of tryin to cover up the incident, only issuin an apology after it was expose online, and questione how the company could operate with such a lack of empathy, imaginin what would happen if somethin unexpecte, such as a fire, occurre. The company Afghanistan Phone Number List is an online learnin platform. That offers courses in various codin languages. An Indian IT company recently cause outrage online after a manager ordere the exits of the office buildin to be locke to prevent employees from leavin without his permission.

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