An employee skipped work for 5 days to fake sick leave!

The employer contacted the clinic to verify and was expos

An employee in Malaysia forged a sick note (MC). His employer later found the contents of the MC suspicious and contacted the relevant clinic for verification, which eventually uncovered the forged MC.


Iltizam Clinic in Ampang recently shared the fake sick note incident on Instagram, saying that the employee abused the name of the clinic to forge a fake sick note, claiming that he had the flu and forged five days of sick leave from work, from January 27 to 31. The employer finally felt that the content of the sick note was suspicious and contacted the clinic for verification.


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After contacting the clinic, the employer was told that there was no medical Ecuador Phone Number List of the employee in the system, and was inform of the contact information of the woman who actually held the sick leave certificate. The clinic also provid her contact information to the police for further investigation. The woman who actually held the sick leave certificate respond that she had inde sent the sick leave certificate to a friend before, but she did not know who was stealing it.

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The medical staff of Iltizam

Clinic lodged a report with the Ampang Jaya Belize Phone Number List station on January 31, hoping that the relevant authorities would take action to severely punish the fake patient who forged the sick note. One of the clinic managers also told World of Buzz that the fake patient had admitted the crime and the company’s human resources department was currently negotiating with the employee.


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