business through marketing and promotional campaigns. With external fulfillment services, online stores can significantly reduce their operating expenses, moving them from a fixed expense covering storage and staff to a variable expense that depends on the number of orders. About: Romania’s first online store electronic distribution service, launched in 2017, integrates pickup, warehousing, package delivery and returns management services, ensuring the entire logistics process of e-commerce and optimizing the logistics process. Execution time and cost. Be a partner. E-Commerce Electronic Fulfillment, , Click to view article Previous article Romania’s delivery services have reached Western levels, but at much lower prices Interview ş Video Next article Technology is not the goal, but the tool ă ş Interview Video Leave a comment Yours E-mail address will not be published. Required fields are marked Comments Delivery services in Romania have reached Western levels, but at much lower prices Interview ş Video published on 2020 e-commerce market. The full interview with our official correspondent is below. Most online stores in Romania manage their logistics in-house, which means there are big opportunities for e-fulfillment companies. Regarding the adoption of e-fulfillment solutions in Romania, the proportion of companies using outsourced fulfillment is increasing. Marianne’s main business lesson learned the hard way is that you have to surround yourself with really good people and you treat them well. The level of fulfillment service in Romania is on par with the West, but the prices we charge are much lower (Version 1) is presented by Supported campaign supporters: , ,  , Online store competition partner: Carrefour Romania Provider: Orange Recommended payment processing partner: Official Radio: Official Water: Deluxe Limousine Service: Main Media Partners: We are honored to be supported by: Official Bloggers: , ,careers, business releases, press releases, , ,trends, Romania, ,marketing institutes, business magazines, , ,managers. , , , Romania, , , , , , Summit Interview E-Commerce Online Commerce E-Commerce E-Fulfillment E-Commerce Summit Interview Interview Online Store Browse Post Previous Post Black Friday: Year and Month Ticket Discounts! Next Post Evolving Electronic Fulfillment, Post a comment